Where do you get the prices?
The official stash API over from pathofexile.com. Prices are automatically generated from the items players publicly list for sale.

How up to date are the prices?
All prices are recalculated within 60 second intervals. Prices on the website are always the most recent unless stated otherwise.

What do the 'change', 'daily' and 'total' columns mean?
Change refers to how much the price has changed when comparing the price right now and 7 days ago. Daily means how many of that item is listed every 24 hours. Total is the total number of times the item has been listed during that league.

The currency page is cluttered with too many different items.
Use the Group search option to filter based on Currency, Essences and other groups.

How do you acquire account and character names?
Through the stash API. Meaning that if a player has listed an item in a public stash tab, that character is recorded.

Why doesn't a character from X league show up in the characters page?
Only users who have listed something on sale using public stash tabs have that specific character recorded.

Is this site somehow related to poe.ninja?
No, although it was inspired by it.

What's the benefit of using this over poe.ninja?
Additional features such as the ability to view prices from past leagues, see the daily totals of items listed each day, character search, linking specific items, saving searches, and a sleek UI.

Item X has an incredibly high price at league start. Why?
Quite often the first person to find a particular item during a new league will list it for much more than it's actually worth.

Can you make feature X on this site less frustrating to use?
Do let me know and I'll see how it can be improved.

Why is there no data for day one of new leagues?
Timezones. Leagues usually start at 8 PM UTC, which leaves a total of 4 hours for day one. Not really enough to get any useful statistics. Which is why the first day is skipped and the next one includes the whole 24 + 4 hours of data.

What are the API limitations?
Based on fair use. Though it does have a rate limitation of 4 requests per second - 10 second timeout.

Some of the pages don't work with Internet Explorer
More like Internet Explorer doesn't work with some of the pages. But seriously, it's an outdated browser. You should upgrade to something newer.

Something's not working? Found a typo? The site is missing an amazing feature?
Do let me know and I'll see what I can do about it.

Also, please provide a contact address, eg email/discord tag/reddit username/poe account or similar.